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Experience at American Marketing Association

Experience At American Marketing Association

April 22, 2021

My experience with the American Marketing Association (AMA) at the University of South Florida was nothing less than amazing.

The American Marketing Association at USF is a student-led nationally ranked chapter (Top 17 of 320 collegiate chapters) that helps individuals with professional development, networking, business knowledge.

Being that shy kid who didn’t know anybody when moving to Tampa, AMA gave me the tools to be able to grow socially and professionally. Being surrounded and supported by my peers throughout my academic career helped me overcome obstacles I faced.

I was a member of the organization for two years and on the board of directors for a semester. While being a member, I was still highly involved in the organization, participating in volunteer events and fundraising. When I became the Director of Social Impact of AMA I gained a ton more responsibilities that motivated me to help grow the organization even more.

I would highly recommend AMA to any student, marketing or not. This is a fantastic organization to network and meet people that have similar driven mindsets!

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My Personal Website

My Personal Website

April 22, 2021

As a marketer, graphic designer, photographer, and web-developer for over 5 years. I never really had a place to store all my work and show people my capabilities and knowledge. I finally decided it was time to create a website for myself after I helped build a website for his company. (You can read about that here)

I asked myself, how can I brand myself better and differentiate myself from every other digital marketer, and I think I hit the jackpot with this one. With my knowledge and experience with WordPress, I was able to build a responsive website that shows my WHO I AM and WHAT I DO for the world to see. If my website does not give you a little bit of insight as to who I am and my personality, then I have failed the goal of this site!

The portfolio sections shows a select few amount of graphics for each employment role I have had that relates to the marketing industry.

The Experience page is a list of responsibilities I managed for each of my roles. This page goes into more depth in detail than I can fit on a one page resume.

The About Page provides an brief summary of who I am, and what I’ve been up to since my academic career started up until present time. I’ve also listed a few of the hobbies I am into because I didn’t want this website to be boring. These hobbies give you insight as to what I might be doing with my free-time outside of the work life! I also provided Websites of the companies I have worked for can be found on this page.

The Education page is dedicated to my time at the University of South Florida. #GoBulls

The Skills page provides a brief overview of some of the Skills I have become proficient in.

The Community page, is a special spot on my website created to show that I am more than just cog in the workplace. I enjoy taking time to give back to the community and helping further my community any way I can.

My blog is just a collection of thoughts I have written for you guys to show you what I am up to. The Portfolio doesn’t go into too much detail regarding the process of creating, so I made this area of the website specifically for that purpose.

The Contact page is a place where anybody can leave me a message. If you would like to hire me for a project of any kind, this is the place to submit your inquiry!

Thanks for reading!

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Web Development for Precise Motions

Web Development For Precise Motions

April 22, 2021

Chase Smith, one of my close friends from Stuart, Florida who has a passion for Photography, Videography, Cars, Planes, Boats, and Real Estate. He has a passion for capturing moments in time with top of the line camera equipment.

Precise Motions is a company located in South Florida that creates professional and next level content used for website and social media marketing. They specialize in creating content for companies that separates them from the rest by marketing products from a different perspective.

Chase, told me he was thinking about launching this photography business one day and his goals and aspirations for it. And I told him, “Hey, you will probably need a website to get this project up and rolling” and from that point. I helped design and develop Precise Motions website.

Throughout building this website, I came across multiple hurdles. This was a learning process for me, because I haven’t used WordPress in a few months. But, due to my prior knowledge with the platform and being tech savvy, I was able to finish the development of this site within 3 months.

Some of the main points we wanted to display on this website were, Precise Motions’ Services, Portfolio, and Contact. Having these pages setup properly are designed to reduce the bounce rate for visitors and keep them engaged resulting in leads for the company.

This was an extremely fun project to work on for Chase. This was my first Web-Dev project in a long time, so this definitely reminded me of my passion for building WordPress websites.

If you would like to work with me, please visit the contact page and leave a me a message.

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Florida Brand Logo Drawing

Creating the Florida Brand Logo

Florida Brand White Logo

Creating the Florida Brand Logo

April 13, 2021

Making a logo is always difficult for people like me who aren’t the savviest with design programs like Adobe Illustrator. However, since Florida Brand is practically a one-man show, the only way to grow the clothing line is to put on my big boy pants and innovate.

When taking a road-trip with my family to Nashville, Tennessee, I had to occupy myself with something to do over the 12-hour ride from Tampa, Florida. I thought to myself why not work on some designs for the company. Before we left for the trip I went to Walmart and bought myself a brand new NotePad that had dotted lines that way my straight lines might actually have a shot at being straight.

So after spending some time on the notepad, I came up with this:

Florida Brand Drawing Rough Draft

This sketch was an extremely rough draft of a logo but I still had hope. I’ve seen professional designers draw out there logos on paper, scan the sketch into a digital image, and then retrace the sketch using the pen-tool in Adobe illustrator. So, I followed the steps. I took this picture and imported it into Adobe Illustrator. After a couples hours of pen-tooling the drawing, the logo turned into this:

Illustrator Logo Import

Yes, as you can tell, this is bad. Very bad. This pretty much just made come to the realization that I’m a terrible drawer and probably should have paid someone else to do the logo for me. But, it was too late for that, I told myself that I should make some adjustments to the logo and then see if I liked the outcome.

A week and countless file saves later, I ended up with FloridaBrandSerifLogo8.png. It may not be perfect but I am happy with it:

Florida Brand Black Logo

This was definitely a fun learning experience and at the end of the day only made me more skilled than I was prior to this journey.

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