My experience with the American Marketing Association (AMA) at the University of South Florida was nothing less than amazing.

The American Marketing Association at USF is a student-led nationally ranked chapter (Top 17 of 320 collegiate chapters) that helps individuals with professional development, networking, business knowledge.

Being that shy kid who didn’t know anybody when moving to Tampa, AMA gave me the tools to be able to grow socially and professionally. Being surrounded and supported by my peers throughout my academic career helped me overcome obstacles I faced.

I was a member of the organization for two years and on the board of directors for a semester. While being a member, I was still highly involved in the organization, participating in volunteer events and fundraising. When I became the Director of Social Impact of AMA I gained a ton more responsibilities that motivated me to help grow the organization even more.

I would highly recommend AMA to any student, marketing or not. This is a fantastic organization to network and meet people that have similar driven mindsets!

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