As a marketer, graphic designer, photographer, and web-developer for over 5 years. I never really had a place to store all my work and show people my capabilities and knowledge. I finally decided it was time to create a website for myself after I helped build a website for his company. (You can read about that here)

I asked myself, how can I brand myself better and differentiate myself from every other digital marketer, and I think I hit the jackpot with this one. With my knowledge and experience with WordPress, I was able to build a responsive website that shows my WHO I AM and WHAT I DO for the world to see. If my website does not give you a little bit of insight as to who I am and my personality, then I have failed the goal of this site!

The portfolio sections shows a select few amount of graphics for each employment role I have had that relates to the marketing industry.

The Experience page is a list of responsibilities I managed for each of my roles. This page goes into more depth in detail than I can fit on a one page resume.

The About Page provides an brief summary of who I am, and what I’ve been up to since my academic career started up until present time. I’ve also listed a few of the hobbies I am into because I didn’t want this website to be boring. These hobbies give you insight as to what I might be doing with my free-time outside of the work life! I also provided Websites of the companies I have worked for can be found on this page.

The Education page is dedicated to my time at the University of South Florida. #GoBulls

The Skills page provides a brief overview of some of the Skills I have become proficient in.

The Community page, is a special spot on my website created to show that I am more than just cog in the workplace. I enjoy taking time to give back to the community and helping further my community any way I can.

My blog is just a collection of thoughts I have written for you guys to show you what I am up to. The Portfolio doesn’t go into too much detail regarding the process of creating, so I made this area of the website specifically for that purpose.

The Contact page is a place where anybody can leave me a message. If you would like to hire me for a project of any kind, this is the place to submit your inquiry!

Thanks for reading!

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