I’m a 22 year old marketing graduate from the University of South Florida with 5 years of marketing/branding experience. I enjoy making ideas come to life through the use of graphic design and story telling!

Throughout my academic career, I’ve had three marketing internships which have assisted me in becoming a well-rounded marketer. Aside from my internships, I enjoy working on entrepreneurial projects and building brands.

I am of Venezuelan descent and have lived in Florida for the majority of my life (I did live in Austin, Texas for a few years!). I’ve been a techy since childhood, mostly because my father works in the computer/network industry. I’ve been able to incorporate this background into my career, giving me the opportunity to teach myself how to use several softwares and platforms professional marketers use today. I taught myself graphic design, how to manage social media platforms, how to produce music, build websites, and control cameras.

Palm City, Florida


Music Production

Video Games








If you’d like to connect about marketing or have any business inquiries, send a message using the contact page or email me at [email protected]