Chase Smith, one of my close friends from Stuart, Florida who has a passion for Photography, Videography, Cars, Planes, Boats, and Real Estate. He has a passion for capturing moments in time with top of the line camera equipment.

Precise Motions is a company located in South Florida that creates professional and next level content used for website and social media marketing. They specialize in creating content for companies that separates them from the rest by marketing products from a different perspective.

Chase, told me he was thinking about launching this photography business one day and his goals and aspirations for it. And I told him, “Hey, you will probably need a website to get this project up and rolling” and from that point. I helped design and develop Precise Motions website.

Throughout building this website, I came across multiple hurdles. This was a learning process for me, because I haven’t used WordPress in a few months. But, due to my prior knowledge with the platform and being tech savvy, I was able to finish the development of this site within 3 months.

Some of the main points we wanted to display on this website were, Precise Motions’ Services, Portfolio, and Contact. Having these pages setup properly are designed to reduce the bounce rate for visitors and keep them engaged resulting in leads for the company.

This was an extremely fun project to work on for Chase. This was my first Web-Dev project in a long time, so this definitely reminded me of my passion for building WordPress websites.

If you would like to work with me, please visit the contact page and leave a me a message.

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In cases like this, it is reasonable to pay for these specialized services.