The Tampa Foundation

Maybe you’ve seen them on your commute to work- Sitting in traffic on 275 or driving down Bearss Ave. 

We’re talking about murals- primarily our “Begin Anywhere” mural and our “Dream Big” mural.

Who We Are

Our core business, Diamond View Studios, is inherently creative. Our day to day at Diamond View consists of usual business operations, but we have the additional fortuitous pleasure of creative work. We’ve experienced, first hand, how beneficial creativity is, and we want to share that with our community.

Our nonprofit organization, Tampa Foundation, is our outlet to share creativity and positivity with our city. Tampa residents laugh, love, and have the best stories (usually about Gasprilla.) We believe the walls of our city should reflect the hopes, beliefs, and stories of the people who reside in it. 

We know that art brings people together and helps form meaningful relationships. With fewer and fewer people interacting face-to-face these days, deep bonds and relationships are vital. We look at ourselves as creative brokers, connecting talented local artists to bland, boring city walls. Our goal is to cover our city with positive and purposeful art. 

Why Public Art

Art makes a city look alive. It begins to form a culture and solidify a sense of community. Tampa has always had a strong sense of being. With public art, the Tampanian sense of self is strengthened through the commonality of creating and admiring the art on our city walls. 

Public art can cut through all the distractions and noise of our everyday lives. If we allow it, art can help us slow down and be present in the moment. Positive messaging displayed through public art, can inspire and encourage a stranger, better yet, several strangers.

This is the objective of Tampa Foundation. 

“When you look at a message with repetition, it starts to sink in. That’s the fundamentals of advertising…” “…When you see a positive message with repetition, you begin to look for that more.” – Tim Moore, CEO of Diamond View and Founder of Tampa Foundation.

How to get Involved

This art can’t be done without the help of donors. In order to keep painting our city with positivity, we need the help of our community. If you would like to get involved in The Tampa Foundation, there are several options for you.

You can:

  • Donate monetary contributions which help to compensate local artists and buy the supplies needed for each project.
  • Donate your time- we can always use an extra set of hands.
  • Donate your building walls. 
  • Help us scout. Send us a spot that you think would be good for a Tampa Foundations mural.

Artists: Tes One & Vitale Bros.

📍Location: I-275 and 610 E. North street

Murals are the most effective way to share art with as many people as possible. 

A recipe for a healthy life: 

A handful of greens, a splash of physical activity and a heapful of creativity. 

The link between creativity and healthy life: 

Dream Big Campaign:

Dream big: although it is a simple statement, it holds a lot of power and potential. Many times in our lives, we start to dream more realistically and give up on our big ideas due to the fear of failing or simply because we are told to follow a more realistic path. With this campaign, we hope to reestablish this thought of big dreams within people. When we dream big, we feel empowered, motivated and inspired to do great things! The goal of this campaign is to inspire a community of people to chase the dreams they had put behind or haven’t started. Dreaming big is the first step to success and we want people in the community to start this process with this campaign. 

The campaigns ___ is to create engagement with current instagram followers as well as attract future followers in a discussion about what their dreams are and how this statement has affected their lives. The goal is to get people thinking about their dreams and to inspire others through different stories. This campaign can take place on Instagram stories with the questions or chat tools or on the comment section of a post. The replies can be shared on Instagram stories with the person tagged. This campaign will have 0 costs.

Do Good:

Can you think back to a time when you did a selfless act? If it seems difficult to remember, chances are that it has been a long time. It’s important to serve our community and give back whenever or however you can. This campaign is to remind others to do something good for the sake of doing good and for someone other than ourselves. One simple act of kindness can have a large impact on the community and on so many lives. The goal of this campaign is to start a butterfly effect in the area and to encourage others to do good. This campaign can start with a personalized hashtag that will be posted on Instagram with the new moral, do good. #dogoodtampa. This campaign can be a 0 cost campaign or it could be a competition where people write a short paragraph about what acts of kindness they would do if they had $50.

Interview Kids from the School:

For this campaign, we wanted to interview school kids and ask them what seem impossible to them, while they are standing outside looking at the “It seems impossible until it is done” mural. Today young people all over the world are making the impossible possible. This campaign is to inspire kids that the impossible is possible. This inspirational campaign will need a videographer and some graphic work done.